Eng uppg!

Hello all!
How was your day? My day with my friends in town were wonderful! We meet up in town after school and went to the video & billjarden and played snooker for an hour afterwards we played some other games, like air hockey and some boll game that I didn't remember the name. We were having so much ful and after all playing everybody got hingry so we went to Coco Thai resterant and eat. ;)

We ordered a lot of food because we thought we were so hungry but in the end we didn't eat everything it was alot of food left. But it was really good foot there. After Coco Thai we went to Våghustorget for buy som christmas gift. We found alot off stuff that we would like to buy but we didn't have so much money left after all that we've done before. And then I fell like I wanted to eat Ben & Jerry ice cream so we went down to the ICA and bought it. Then we went to some Thai store and ask if we could get any plastic spoons. ^^D

Afterward we went back to Krämaren and went to l'expresso café and buy some coke and at the same time eat our ice cream. After we all eatin everything so we decided to go home instead and maybe come up with something to do another day intead. :D

Because me and Elsa are neighbors, so we took same bus home and went to the same bus stop. Then we have the same way home to from bus stop. Guess what happened to us!? We wolked uphill slope and it was covered with ice we disn't see it because it was dark outside and we couldn't see anything. Both slipped and fell and ofcouse we both stared to laughing out loud. It was fun but it hurt. And then I home. :D


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